Simple Mobile SIM

30 Days

✓ Unlimited calling within the USA

✓ Unlimited SMS within the USA

✓ Unlimited SMS to GER / FR / NL / UK

✓ Unlimited calling to UK / NL / FR / BE landlines ¹

✓ 2 GB to 10 GB data flat-rate ²

Best T-Mobile coverage

Delivery Time: 2-3 business days ³

Availability: Out of stock




Simple Mobile is a prepaid carrier from California. Founded in 2009, Simple Mobile has seen a rapid increase in satisfied customers. The carrier uses the T-Mobile network, which provides excellent coverage in large metropolitan areas. Simple Mobile features high-speed data (LTE / 4G) and unlimited calling to German landlines as well as many other EU countries (optional). Unlimited calling is available for over 50 countries including many EU countries. The large data packages make Simple Mobile plans very attractive for heavy data users.

With Simple Mobile you can leave for your trip relaxed and won’t have to live without for phone: Call home without outrageous roaming charges, upload pictures to Facebook and keep friends updated via SMS. Don’t compromise or worry about anything with our Simple Mobile USA SIM card. Our plans cater to travellers who rely on their phones and, for example, have to rent cars or book hotel rooms on the go. Data packages from 4 GB to 10 GB let you check your email, use Google Maps, or go on Facebook anytime.

Why Tourisim:

  • No contract
  • No roaming fees
  • Fast shipping within Germany and worldwide
  • Free shipping globally
  • Our SIM cards are always up-to-date (direct import, official distributor)
  • 24/7 customer service via email
  • Tourisim LLC is an official affiliate of Simple Mobile
  • Your own US phone number (send to you directly after landing via SMS)
  • Free SMS-Support in the US
  • Free Whatsapp-Support
  • Free Activation-Service
  • Fastest LTE connection where available
  • All incoming calls are free
  • Top-up your balance or extend your plan directly through us
  • SIMs are available in Standard, Micro, and Nano sizes
  • Compatible with all unlocked devices (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry)

6 Easy Steps:

  1. Chose a SIM card
  2. Tell us your departure date
  3. You receive your mobile number through Simple Mobile via SMS while you are in the US
  4. Follow the configuration steps for your device from our brief manual
  5. Once you land in the US, reboot your phone to allow the SIM to register with the network
  6. Enjoy your stay!

Network Coverage:

Simple Mobile Network

International Calling Credit:

¹ Each plan can dial up to 15 unique international telephone numbers. More countries and plans can be found here: International calling credit and flat-rates of all carriers

² After all LTE data is used, speed is throttled to 2G speed

³ shipping within Germany. Delivery time for foreign countries please visit our shippingoverview: Payment and Shipping

All plan information according to carrier (as of April 2017). Specifications subject to change without notice. Tourisim assumes no liability for the information supplied.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Carrier Simple Mobile
Network T-Mobile
Data Speed 4G LTE
Unlimited Data yes (depending on the data already used up the speed may be throttled to 2G)
Tethering (Hotspot) not allowed
Facetime Nein
Validity the SIM is good for 90 days (topping up your balance will extend the validity by another 90 days)
Roaming Canada no
Roaming Mexico yes
Activation & Reup we take care of everything
Instructions you receive a brief manual directly from us via email or here: Tourisim Manual
US Phone Number you receive your mobile number through Simple Mobile via SMS while you are in the US
Whatsapp & Skype yes
Android compatible yes
iOS compatible yes
Windows Phone compatible yes
Blackberry compatible yes
For Smartphones yes
For Tablet yes
For Mobile Wifi and Router yes
For antenna sticks no
Monthly cost no
Longterm Contract no
Technical Requirements unlocked phone without regiolock
Frequency 850 and 1900 Mhz (only 3G or/and 4G)
Brand Simple Mobile
GTIN 4260508550124