Share your Trip with Tourisim

How it all began

The initial idea to offer travelers to the USA an option to stay independent and mobile had been in the air for a long time. The foundation was laid in the Unperfekthaus building in Essen as we were brainstorming a brand name together. The list back then was nearly endless, but after many hours and several brainstorming phases, the name Tourisim was born.

Touri = Tourist
Sim = SIM card

Share your Trip

Our claim is significant on multiple levels. The word share is primarily derived from social networks (social media). On the other hand, we don’t want to merely hand over a product to travelers; we want to make sure they enjoy a stress-free vacation thanks to ease of use and reduced costs. As a constant companion, we share our knowledge and the option of staying mobile without roaming fees. After all, vacation should be the most relaxed time of the year. We would like travelers to be able to concentrate on themselves and their surroundings in order to enjoy them better.

Where we get our passion

We have been passionate about travel for a long time. While he was studying, Fabian spent an exchange year down under in Australia and also took language trips to England. Mathias developed a connection with the USA early on. He took multiple language trips and private trips to the USA as a student as well.

We have a long past in common. We went to school together through high school and both started studying law in Bochum - at least for 2 semesters. Very quickly we realized that this was not our vision for the future.

After that, Mathias studied Management & Economics in Bochum and Fabian studied Communications Design in Bielefeld. Although we didn’t study together, we both worked in the telecommunications industry. Mathias worked for Vodafone and Fabian worked for o2.

When Mathias moved to the USA in 2012, we were able to further flesh out our idea for developing Tourisim. Our company Tourisim LLC was soon established in the USA to directly contact various US providers. After a brief qualification phase, we soon became an official reseller.

Although there are now several thousand kilometers between us, that distance and the resulting time difference also have their advantages. This makes it possible for us to answer questions quickly and efficiently without much delay.

Our company also benefits from our different abilities. While Mathias is good with figures and economic factors thanks to his economics studies, Fabian makes use of his marketing studies to create a brand experience with our company.

“Both of us come from the Ruhr Valley and are strongly influenced by its habits and cultural characteristics: honesty, transparency and loyalty.”

We strive to transmit these qualities directly to our customers. Whether before, during or after a purchase, we support all our customers with heart and soul.