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Mobile Communication


SIM cards


Delivery within Germany takes 2-3 business days. International deliveries can take up to 5-7 business days depending on your location.
Do monthly/running costs occur? Am I tied to a contract?
Under no circumstances will you incur monthly cost. You can only purchase prepaid SIM cards and credit with no fixed contractual period.
Can additional costs occur?
No, our SIM cards are prepaid. US VAT and carrier-dependent fees are included in the price.
When to order?
Our SIM card arrives on your doorstep not activated. We activate your SIM card one day prior to departure and the expiration date is generated based on the start of your trip, us activating the SIM, or any specified date you wish for. This allows you to order the SIM card and/or credit months ahead of time.
How long are the balance and the SIM card valid for?
Your credit balance on your SIM card expires 30 days (depending on your plan maybe sooner) from the initial activation. The SIM card becomes invalid after 60 days of not recharging your balance.
Who is behind Tourisim?
Tourisim is a Germany company that specializes in distribution of foreign SIM cards. We do not provide mobile communication services directly but rather sell SIM cards on our e-commerce platform. All carrier information per SIM card can be derived from the table in our product descriptions. Notwithstanding, we will try to troubleshoot with and for you should any problems occur while you’re using your SIM card.

Mobile Communication

For how long do I get to keep my phone number?
Your number generally expires once you have not topped up your balance for two consecutive months.
What are some of the peculiarities of US mobile communication?
Americans do not differentiate between mobile and landline numbers. It does not matter if you’re calling a landline or a mobile phone in the USA with one of our SIM cards.
Network coverage
American networks have to cover a lot of land surface. Just the state of Texas is twice the size of Germany. This makes the overall coverage worse than what you might be used to from your home country. In metropolitan areas and urban environments you will generally have very good reception. In rural areas and national parks the quality of your signal and reception entirely depends on the proximity to the nearest mobile phone tower. From our own experience we can assure you that reception is generally good to excellent but please be prepared for some fluctuation in areas as described above.
Tethering and Hotspots
Tethering is generally prohibited and we can only guarantee that tethering will work for carriers where we explicitly advertise the plan as supporting tethering.
What is a US phone number comprised of?
The first 3 digits are the area code, similar to a local prefix in your home country. The subsequent three digits are the county or area of a city and the last four are completely individual.
Wie kann ich vor Ort angerufen werden?
Innerhalb der USA geben Sie die ganz normale Rufnummer an Leute weiter. Anrufer aus dem Ausland wählen 001 vor der Rufnummer.
Important prefix numbers
To make calls from the US to international numbers please pre-dial 011. In combination with country codes it would look like the numbers below::

Germany: 011 49
Austria: 011 43
Netherlands: 011 31
Switzerland: 011 41

For the actual phone number, please omit the first 0 digit. Please contact us with any questions you may have.
Important US phone numbers
Police, Fire Department, Medical attention: 911

telephone information: 411, Traffic information: 511
Where can I find terms and conditions of all carriers?
H2O Wireless


My plan comes with international SMS but I’m unable to send any
Please make sure to prepend 011 or +1 + your area code + predial without first 0 digit
Can I call countries outside of the US without additional options?
No, this is generally not possible in the US. No matter whether you’re using a postpaid or prepaid SIM, to make calls to international numbers you need an additional option, more often than not. With prepaid SIMs, even if you were willing to incur the cost, you’re simply not able to unless your plan includes it or you have the add-on to your plan.

SIM Card

Is my phone unlocked (SIM lock)?
Borrow a friend’s or family member’s SIM card from a different carrier than your own. If your phone registers on the network, you have service, and are able to make calls your phone is unlocked. It is generally not possible to use other SIM cards than the one of your carrier if your phone is locked, which includes our SIMs. To unlock your phone, contact your carrier and request the unlock code. Depending on your device you may have to enter it several different ways. Your carrier should provide the unlock code if you mention that you’re trying to use the phone outside of your country with a different SIM card. Other approaches include jailbreaking your iPhone or rooting your Anroid with subsequent unlocking. This, however, might void your warranty or damage your device (e.g. hard brick). For legal reasons we are not able to provide you any assistance with the above.
Activation code? PIN?
An activation code or PIN code is not required. This is typical in the US. We top up your card and take care of the rest. The only thing you’re required to do is configure your phone.
How and where can I top up my balance?
You can comfortably and conveniently top up your balance through our website by clicking on the tab REUP. We will top up your SIM card within 24 hours or less (usually within a few hours as we have customer service reps both in the USA and in Germany).
When do I find out my number?
We email you your own US number directly after activating your plan.
Can I use the SIM card in my home country?
Unfortunately that’s not possible. The US SIMs only work in the USA or, in some cases, in Canada and Mexico.