Questions and Answers about Our SIM Cards (FAQ)


Delivery Time

Delivery time within Germany is 2-3 business days.
Delivery time for international shipments is approximately 5-7 business days.

Are there monthly/ongoing costs? Am I tied to a contract period?

No, there are no monthly costs with Tourisim. You are only purchasing a prepaid SIM card and credit with us without entering into a fixed contract period.

Can additional costs arise?

No, as our SIM cards operate on a prepaid basis. American sales tax, activation, and network fees are already included in the price.

When is the best time to order?

Our SIM card will initially reach you in an unactivated state. We activate the SIM card one day before your trip. Therefore, SIM cards or credit can be ordered months in advance of a trip.

How long is the prepaid credit and SIM card valid?

In the USA, it is customary for the credit to expire 30 days after activation. The SIM card will be deactivated after 60 days without credit. Reactivation is not possible.

Who is Tourisim?

Tourisim is a German company specializing in the distribution of foreign SIM cards and plans. Therefore, we do not provide mobile phone services ourselves but sell SIM cards through our online shop. You can find the respective network provider for the SIM card in the table in the product description. Nevertheless, we always strive to assist our customers as best as possible with any questions or issues and are here to help you at all times.

Mobile Service

How long do I keep my phone number?

Usually, a phone number expires if you haven't topped up the SIM card for 60 days. If you want to continue using your SIM beyond that, please inform us at

What are the peculiarities of mobile service in the USA?

There is no distinction between mobile and landline numbers. It doesn't matter whether you're calling a landline or a mobile phone in the USA with one of our prepaid cards.

Network Coverage

The American mobile network is not as well-developed as the German or comparable European networks. In urban and metropolitan areas, you generally have very good reception. In more rural areas and national parks, reception depends on the distance to the nearest cell tower. From our own experience, we can say that reception is generally good to very good. However, fluctuations can occur in the cases mentioned above.

Tethering and Network Coverage

Tethering is blocked in all provider tariffs by default. It is only allowed in tariffs specifically marked by us.

How is a U.S. phone number (xxx) xxx-xxxx composed?

The first 3 digits are the "Area Code," similar to German area codes. The following three digits represent the county or city area, and the last 4 digits are unique.

How can I be called locally?

Within the USA, you provide your U.S. phone number to people. Callers from abroad dial 001 or +1 before the phone number.

Important Dialing Codes

To make international calls from the USA, you need to dial 011 followed by the country code, without the leading 0, and then the phone number.
In combination with the respective country code, the following dialing codes apply:

  • Germany: 011 49
  • Austria: 011 43
  • Netherlands: 011 31
  • Switzerland: 011 41

For the local area code, the leading zero must be omitted, followed by the phone number.
011 + Country code + Area code without 0 + Phone number

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions of the respective providers?

H2O Wireless

How do I check my balance?

  • H2O Wireless: Dial *777*1# on your phone's keypad
  • AT&T: Dial *777*3# on your phone's keypad
  • H2O Bolt: Simply send us an email at
  • T-Mobile: Dial #932# on your phone's keypad

I want to use my current phone number with WhatsApp

You can continue to use your current phone number with WhatsApp. When you land in the USA and start the app, you will be asked if you want to enter a new phone number. Simply decline this option. Contacts, archives, and chats will be retained. More information can be found here: WhatsApp USA


My plan includes international SMS sending, but I can't send SMS messages

You can send an SMS as follows: 011 + Country code + Area code without 0 + Phone number

Can I make international calls outside the USA without additional plan options?

No, this is generally not possible in America. Whether it's postpaid or prepaid, to make international calls, you generally need an additional option—some tariffs include these options by default.

SIM Cards

Does my mobile phone have a SIM lock?

Simply insert a SIM card from a different network provider while you're still at home. If your smartphone finds a network and you can make calls, there is no SIM lock. In general, it is not possible to use a foreign card, including our SIM cards, with a locked device.
To unlock the SIM lock, you would need to contact your phone provider and request an unlock code. How to enter it depends on your smartphone.

Does my mobile phone have a region lock?

The so-called region lock prevents the use of SIM cards outside the EU in the device. Only a few manufacturers and distributors implement this restriction. You can inquire with the device manufacturer whether your device can be used with an AT&T SIM card. This is checked based on the IMEI number. You can find the IMEI either on the purchase receipt or by dialing *#06# on your phone's keypad.

Which frequencies must my device support?

For use in the USA, the frequencies of 850 and 1900 MHz in the 4G (LTE) frequency range are necessary. For the best connection, we recommend 700, 850, and 1900 MHz (Bands 12, 5, and 2). Many devices automatically support these ranges. You can find a short list of common devices in our database.

Due to the countless number of smartphones, this list is not exhaustive. If your device is not listed, you can reach us directly on Facebook or by email at You can find everything about frequencies under Frequencies in the USA.

How and where can I top up my SIM card?

You can conveniently top up through our website in the Top-Up category. We will top up your SIM card within 24 hours at the latest (usually much faster, as we have customer support in both the USA and Germany).

Can I use the SIM card in Germany?

Unfortunately, no. American cards only work in the USA and, to a limited extent, in the Canadian and Mexican border regions.