How do I use Whatsapp with my USA SIM card?

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When switching out your device’s SIM card, you may wonder if and how you can continue to use your current, domestic number so you can keep your contacts and chats. We’ve summarized and listed all the ways in which you can use Whatsapp in the USA below: If you have any queries, you can get in touch with us via at any time.

How do I use my current number on Whatsapp with another SIM card?

When using Whatsapp for the first time, you’re required to verify your number. After that has occurred, Whatsapp only requires mobile data, i.e. an internet connection, to be able to use the service. If you haven’t inserted a SIM card into your phone but are using WiFi, you can still continue to use Whatsapp.

So what applies when using a USA SIM card?

There’s a very simple answer to that question: As soon as you’ve landed in the USA and open Whatsapp for the first time with your new USA SIM card, you can simply continue to use your account with all your chats, histories, contacts, etc.

In some cases, Whatsapp may already recognize a new number on the USA SIM card. So if the app asks if you would like to store a new number, simply tap on No.

By the way, this doesn’t apply exclusively to Whatsapp but also lots of other messenger services and apps.

Will you be in the USA for a longer period of time and would like to use a US number for Whatsapp?

That’s not a problem either. To store a new number/a US number in Whatsapp, you simply follow the steps below. Please note that you need to physically be in the USA for this to work.

  1. Insert your new SIM into your terminal device.
  2. Open Whatsapp.
  3. Now go to Whatsapp tap on your menu button Account Change number
  4. Enter your old number into the top field.
  5. Enter your new number into the bottom field
  6. Then tap on Done on the top edge of the screen.
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Ordering the SIM

Choose how long you will be in the USA and order your US SIM.


Setting up the SIM

We will activate your SIM and you will set up your smartphone.


Enjoy your trip

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