Compare USA Prepaid SIM Cards and Plans

Just like any other country, you will find a plethora of various prepaid carriers in the US, too. Stop getting overwhelmed as we picked the best ones for you and we are working directly with most of them.

Compare our carriers to find the right plan for your trip. Our products range from plans for people who talk on the phone all day, heavy data users, jetsetters, or simply anyone who wants to use their phone to browse the web and make phone calls in the US without incurring pesky roaming charges.

For example, business travelers who often find themselves in metropolitan areas and have to keep in touch with their home base might find plans with unlimited calling to landlines as well as calling credit to international mobile phones most suitable for their needs.Those who like to use Skype or Whatsapp while traveling should look into our plans with high data volumes to make sure you have enough data to upload pictures or send them directly to friends and relatives in Europe. Skype and Whatsapp can be used with any of our carriers, by the way. For Whatsapp, you will not have to reactivate your account as it’s already activated on your device via your original phone number.

The AT&T network offers the largest GSM network in the US and will offer excellent coverage in most places. For network coverage, please review the maps on the individual product pages. T-Mobile USA is a well-developed network in urban areas and claims to be the fastest 4G network in the US. Heavy data users traveling to metropolitan areas will feel right at home.

USA SIM card to browse the internet and make phone calls

Carrier Network Unlimited calling USA Calling to select European landlines Calling to select European mobile phone Mobile Data Order
Simple Mobile T-Mobile Yes Unlimited (included) no 2 GB to up to unlimited Data flat Simple Mobile
H2O Wireless AT&T Yes Unlimited (included) 35 to 70 Minutes 1 to 10 GB Data flat H2O Wireless
AT&T AT&T Yes 250 Minutes / 1000 Minutes (optional) no 6 to 22 GB Data flat AT&T
GoSmart T-Mobile Yes Unlimited (included) 100 Minutes 4 to 20 GB Data flat GoSmart

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in regards to any topic that revolves around USA SIM cards. E-mail us anytime at or use our Facebook-Support

Prepaid means everything is paid in advance and is the definition of using services in exchange for prepaid credit. No additional charges can be incurred at any time.

USA Data SIM card to browse the Internet, Skype, and Whatsapp

Carrier Network Surfstick Tablet & Smartphone Tethering (Hotspot) Speed Mobiles Data Order
AT&T Data S AT&T Yes Yes / No Yes 4G LTE 2 GB Data flat order now
AT&T Data M AT&T Yes Yes / No Yes 4G LTE 5 GB Data flat order now
AT&T Data L AT&T Yes Yes / No Yes 4G LTE 8 GB Data flat order now

In combination with our plans you can order any SIM card size you need so you don’t have to make compromises depending on your device while you’re on vacation. You can find the following sizes in our store: Standard (Nokia E71, Huawei Y300), Micro (Apple iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One S), Nano (iPhone 5/6, iPad Air 2, Samsung Galaxy S7)

Coverage Simple Mobile USA

Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile uses the T-Mobile network, which is well developed in urban areas. Data speeds go up to 4G (LTE). Outside of metropolitan areas coverage can vary. If you’re on a road trip or doing a lot of driving outside of cities, we recommend you order a SIM card that uses the AT&T network. In and around Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York City, Massachusetts as well as the Bay Area in Northern California, and Southern California we can tell from our own experience that Simple Mobile works great.

For a full overview of their coverage click on the subsequent link:: Simple Mobile Network Coverage
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Coverage H2O Wireless USA

H2O Wireless

H2O Wireless uses the AT&T network as a third-party provider and gives you excellent coverage in most regions of the US. Voice quality and data speeds are outstanding and lightning-fast. Use data with up to 99.2 Mbps in AT&T’s LTE network. Based on the fantastic coverage, you’re able to use our H2O plans on both coats or in the middle of America. You’re all set in states such as Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, California, etc. but also Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, and many more.

For a full overview of their coverage click on the subsequent link: H2O Wireless Network Coverage
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Network Coverage AT&T USA


AT&T is and remains the largest US carrier that has the most network coverage stateside. If you’re embarking on a road trip cross-country or up and down the coasts in an RV or in your rental car, you will find that AT&T has the best coverage. AT&T further lets you roam for free beyond US borders in neighboring Canada and Mexico (starting with AT&T All-In plan). Data speeds are excellent. Listen to music or stream TV shows with up 99.2 Mbps, or simply enjoy the convenience of using your phone as your navigation system. AT&T builds on outstanding HD voice technology, which greatly improves the transmission of frequencies.

For a full overview of their coverage click on the subsequent link: AT&T Network Coverage
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Network Coverage Ultra Mobile USA

Ultra Mobile

Ultra Mobile also uses the T-Mobile network and has very good coverage along the coasts or urbanized areas. If you’re driving cross-country in an RV or hitting up the national parks, resort to a card that uses the AT&T network instead. Ultra Mobile and Simple Mobile do have the advantage, albeit not largest in coverage area, that they offer a ton of data and calling credit to international numbers. Ultra Mobile calls itself ‘the’ carrier for travelers and offers excellent data speeds, especially on the East and the West coast.

For a full overview of their coverage click on the subsequent link: Ultra Mobile Network Coverage
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