H2O US Plan for Exchange Students

H2O Exchange Plan

Each month, you will have access to the following:

Unlimited phone calls in the USA

$20 for International Calling ¹

Unlimited text messaging to DE / AT / CH / NL / BE

Unlimited phone calls to DE / AT / CH landlines ¹

15 GB data flat rate ²

Triple SIM (Standard, Micro, Nano)

Optimal network coverage through AT&T

Delivery Time: 2-3 business days ³

Availability: In stock


Please choose how long you are staying in the US.

Please provide the date of your departure. Your plan will be activated shortly before you leave for your trip so you will be able to use it right after you land in the US.


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We offer our USA plan for periods of several months, specifically tailored to the needs of long-term travelers. H2O Wireless offers extremely well-developed network coverage provided by AT&T. Whether you are traveling in cities or in more rural areas, you can absolutely rely on H2O and AT&T.

Our multi-month package, ideal for exchange students, university students or business travelers, allows you to choose how many months you would like to use your US SIM card. In addition to a flat rate within the USA, we also offer a flat rate for calls to landlines in DE, AT, CH and NL, as well as a bundled data flat rate with 15 GB for free use. Share your holiday moments via Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram or use the data package for professional purposes: the choice is entirely yours.

To make things as easy as possible for you, you can continue to use your account or local number for services such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger and more. You won’t have to change anything else on your device, so you can enjoy a stress-free holiday.

Reasons to choose Tourisim:

  • Free choice of contract term
  • No roaming fees
  • Free activation service
  • Ultra-fast 5G data connection
  • Free incoming calls
  • Best network coverage in the USA
  • Use of WhatsApp as usual
  • Ideal for long-term travelers
  • Rapid shipping
  • 24/7 customer service via email and Facebook
  • Direct US import

4 easy steps:

  1. Enter your departure date for activation and select the desired contract term
  2. The day before your departure, we will activate your SIM card and send your US number by email (between 7 AM and 8:30 PM).
  3. Configure your smartphone in Germany shortly before departure (see Tourisim Guide)
  4. Once you land in the USA, restart your device to allow the SIM card to connect to the US network.

Network coverage:

You can view AT&T’s network coverage here: AT&T network


¹ This flat rate is valid for 10 numbers. You can find additional countries and rate options here: International minutes and flat rates for all providers

² After the data volume has been used up, the speed will be restricted to 2G

³ Applies for deliveries within Germany, you will find delivery times for other countries in the shipping information field: Payment and shipping

Please make sure that your device supports the frequencies 850 and 1900 Mhz in the 4G/5G range. For the best possible connection, we recommend 700, 850 and 1900 Mhz (band 12, 5 and 2). We are happy to check whether your device uses these frequencies. To do so, please send us an email at info@tourisim.de or use our list of common smartphones.

All plan information is in accordance with the network operator (as of August 2023). The network operator reserves the right to make changes to the tariffs at any time. Tourisim has no influence on this and accordingly assumes no liability.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Carrier H2O Wireless
Network AT&T
Data Speed 5G
Unlimited Data yes (depending on the data already used up the speed may be throttled to 2G)
Tethering (Hotspot) not allowed.
Facetime no
Validity the SIM is good for 90 days (topping up your balance will extend the validity by another 90 days
Roaming Canada no
Roaming Mexico no
Activation & Reup we take care of everything
Instructions you receive a brief manual directly from us via email or here: Tourisim Manual
US Phone Number numbers are sent out one day prior to departure
Whatsapp & Skype yes
Android compatible yes
iOS compatible yes
Windows Phone compatible yes
For Smartphones yes
For Tablet yes
For Mobile Wifi and Router no
Monthly cost no
Longterm Contract no
Brand H2O Wireless
GTIN 4260508552555
SKU H2O Wireless Exchange