Phone card for phone calls and browsing in the USA

Smartphone without roaming in the USA

Anyone traveling to the USA, whether for business or private travel, needs a prepaid solution for their smartphone to avoid the high roaming fees charged by German providers.

We are all used to taking our smartphones with us everywhere. Whether we are looking for a good restaurant for a midday snack while on the go, watching a trailer for the latest movies and finding their showtimes, keeping our friends and loved ones in the loop on WhatsApp and Facebook, or booking an entire trip.

There is a lot to discover in the USA. Of course, our smartphones are an ideal assistant. The catch is that high roaming fees can take all the fun out of it. No one wants to keep checking their data usage and be afraid of the bill back home for every MB that gets used.

The simplest solution for the problem is prepaid SIM cards for the USA. We enjoy traveling and are “mobile natives”, of course, which means that we “grew up with smartphones”. To enjoy your vacation without any stress and use your smartphone as usual, we recommend using a SIM card with a prepaid plan.

Plans in the USA are constructed similarly to our plans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Often, however, there are a great deal more options and included services. This is primarily due to the more advanced use of smartphones in the USA. This trend is evident all over the world by now, but it is particularly marked in the USA. This means that US providers compete for customers and are continually adding on entire rate packages.

The options and applications for smartphones are nearly infinite:

  • Phone calls within the USA

  • Smartphones as a navigation device

  • Phone calls to Germany, Austria or Switzerland

  • WhatsApp

  • Skype

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Mobile travel guides

  • Sightseeing tips on the go

  • Check and write emails

  • Book hotels and campsites

  • Mobile banking

  • Stay up to date always

  • And lots more

To keep from committing to one provider over multiple months, prepaid SIM cards are the optimal solution. Prepaid refers to plans that are paid in advance, and are restricted to a period of 30 days. Since the plan and credit are paid in advance, no additional costs can be incurred after the fact. For travel or short stays in the States, this is the best option.

US SIM cards for browsing and phone calls

Provider Network Flat rate USA Free minutes German landlines Free minutes German mobile network Mobile internet Order
H2O Wireless AT&T Yes Unlimited (included) 100 to 300 min. 2 to 30 GB data flat rate H2O Wireless
AT&T AT&T Yes 250 minutes/1000 minutes (optional) No 5 to 22 GB data flat rate AT&T
T-Mobile T-Mobile Yes Yes (optional) Yes (optional) 10 to 50 GB data flat rate T-Mobile

It’s that easy

in just 3 Steps


Ordering the SIM

Choose how long you will be in the USA and order your US SIM.


Setting up the SIM

We will activate your SIM and you will set up your smartphone.


Enjoy your trip

Once arrived in the US, you will be ready to go and the adventure begins.

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