US SIM card for
exchange students

Do you want to use your smartphone as if you were at home while travelling abroad? No problem, with our US SIM cards you can use all apps as usual. Whether you want to stay in contact with your family or friends in Germany and the US, order an Uber, or concentrate on your trip.

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Focus on what’s important

Our SIM card for exchange students, trainees and work-and-travelers allows you to easily use the Internet, all apps and make calls within the US and to Germany. We want you to be able to take care of the important things right after arrival.

Focus on what is important US travel

Tourisim - contact and support

Contact and support

We take care of service and support for you in the background so that you can fully concentrate on your trip. We are always at your disposal for further questions as your constant support. You can write to us or ask questions at any time.

Contact with classmates and friends

Stay in touch with your friends and family in Germany and the US across borders. You are always available for classmates, new friends and your host family with your personal US phone number.

Keep in touch with your classmates

Advantages of a US SIM card

Eine Prepaid SIM-Karte ist die einfachste und günstigste Lösung, denn man hat die volle Kostenkontrolle und geht keine langen oder undurchsichtigen Verträge ein.

Just like at home

Use your smartphone and all the apps like you do at home, without having to sacrifice anything.

Service 365 days a year

We are at your side 365 days a year as your partner for advice and questions. Since we run our own office in L.A., you can ask us about other things.

Rapid shipping

We deliver our US SIM cards within 2-3 working days in Germany. If it is particularly urgent, we can deliver within 1 working day by DHL Express.

Simple configuration

We will activate it for you. You need to set up your smartphone just before your departure. Use our instructions for this purpose.


We guarantee there are no hidden costs or subsequent charges. Transparency in handling our rates is of the utmost importance.

Keep it simple

Our motto is: as simple as possible. Thus, if you need more data volume at short notice or have a question, we can always help you.

Our US SIM card for exchange students:

What is already included?

A short list of the included services can be found on this table.

If you would like to have more information about our rate for exchange students, you can simply click on the respective link or ask us.

Carrier Flat rate USA Flat rate German landlines Free minutes German mobile network Mobile internet Tethering Order
T-Mobile Yes Yes Flatrate 50 GB LTE Yes T-Mobile Exchange Plan

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will find frequently asked questions about our products (FAQ) here We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions for you here. If you have any further questions, you can contact us by e-mail at We will respond very quickly.

Which end devices can be used in the US?
Your smartphone must support the frequencies 850 and 1900 MHz from 3G (UMTS). Many devices support these frequencies automatically. You can find a short list of common devices in our database. This list is not complete due to the sheer endless number of smartphones. If your device is not listed, you can contact us directly by e-mail at

When will my SIM card get activated?
We will activate your SIM card one day before departure. We will also forward your phone number to you by e-mail.

What happens when my data volume is used up?
After your data volume is used up, you continue surfing with 2G until the next interval (every 30 days). Alternatively you can also add 1 or 2 GB here.

How can I use WhatsApp?
You can either use your German phone number at WhatsApp or create a new account with your US phone number. Both is possible.

Can I use Skype and other telephone services?
Skype, WhatsApp telephony and other services can be used with AT&T and H2O without problems. The only exception is FaceTime from Apple.

Can I create a US account for Uber or Lyft?
The service Uber is a standard in the USA. All you have to do is add your US phone number and you can have an Uber pick you up from the airport or drive you across the city.

It’s that easy

in just 3 Steps


Ordering the SIM

Choose how long you will be in the USA and order your US SIM.


Setting up the SIM

We will activate your SIM and you will set up your smartphone.


Enjoy your trip

Once arrived in the US, you will be ready to go and the adventure begins.

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