Compatible Smartphones for Your USA Trip

Please note that AT&T shut down the 3G network in 2022. All mobile devices on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks now need to be 4G/5G capable and support the following frequencies in the 4G (LTE) range: 850Mhz and 1900Mhz. For the best possible connection, we recommend 700, 850, and 1900 Mhz (Band 12, 5, and 2). If your device is not listed below, we will be happy to check it for you:

Note: The list below mainly represents devices for the AT&T network. The requirements for T-Mobile are not as stringent. Test your device at T-Mobile IMEI Check. If you receive approval here, you can use our T-Mobile tariffs.

For the smartphones listed below, we always refer to the latest versions (e.g., Samsung A52 from 2023).
If you are using a Dual-SIM device, please use the first slot for the US-SIM, as it usually contains more frequencies.

You can learn more about frequency bands in the USA here


iPhone 6
iPhone 6Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone X
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone SE
iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 13
iPhone 13 mini
iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 14
iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro Max
iPhone 15
iPhone 15 Plus
iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPhone SE (3. Generation)
iPad 3 LTE
iPad 4 LTE
iPad Mini 4 LTE
iPad Air LTE
iPad Air 2 LTE
iPad Pro 9,7 LTE
iPad Pro 12,9 LTE


Galaxy A71 5G (SM-A716U**, SMA716U1)
Galaxy A54 (SM-A546U, SM-A546U1/DS)
Galaxy A53 5G (A536U1/DS, SM-A536U, SM-A536V*)
Galaxy A52 5G (SM-A526U, SM-A526U1)
Galaxy A51 5G (SM-A516U, SM-A516U1, SM-A516UP)
Galaxy A51 (SM-A515U, SM-A515U1)
Galaxy A50 (SM-A505U1, SM-A505A, SM-S506DL)
Galaxy A42 5G (SM-A426U1)
Galaxy A32 5G SE (SM-A326U**, SMA326U1/DS)
Galaxy A25 (SM-A256U1, SM-A256U)
Galaxy A23 5G (SM-A236U, SMA236U1/DS)
Galaxy A21 SE (SM-A215U1)
Galaxy A15 (SM-A156U1, SM-A156U)
Galaxy A14 5G SE (SM-A146U1/DS, SMA146U)
Galaxy A13 5G (SM-A136U)
Galaxy A13 (SM-A135U1, SM-A135U)
Galaxy A12 SE (SM-A125U, SMA125U1/DS)
Galaxy A11 (SM-A115A, SM-A115AZ, SMA115AP, SM-A115U1)
Galaxy A10e (SM-A102U, SM-A102UC, SM-A102U1)
Galaxy A6 (SM-A600A, SM-A600AZ, SMA600U*)
Galaxy A03s (SM-A037U)
Galaxy A02 (SM-A025A, SM-A025U1/DS)
Galaxy A01 (SM-A015A, SM-A015U1)
Galaxy Express Prime 3 (SM-J337A)
Galaxy Express Prime 2/J3 (SM-J327A)
Galaxy Express Prime/J3 (SM-J320A)
Galaxy Express 3 (SM-J120A)
Galaxy J7 (SM-J727A, SM-J737A)
Galaxy J7 Top (SM-J737U)*
Galaxy J3 Top (SM-J337U)*
Galaxy J2 Dash (SM-J260A)
Galaxy J2 Pure (SM-J260AZ)
Galaxy Note 20 (SM-N980F, SM-N980F/DS)
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (SM-N985F, SMN985F/DS)
Galaxy Note20 5G (SM-N981U*, SM-N981U1, SM-N981W, SM-N981B, SM-N981B/DS)
Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G (SM-N986U*, SMN986U1, SM-N986B, SM-N986B/DS)
Galaxy Note10 (SM-N970U, SM-N970U1*, SM-N970W, SM-N976B, SM-N970F, SMN970F/DS)
Galaxy Note10+ (SM-N975U, SM-N975U1*, SM-N975F, SM-N975F/DS)
Galaxy Note10+ 5G (N976U)
Galaxy Note9 (SM-N960U*, SM-N960U1*)
Galaxy Note8 (SM-N950U*, SM-N950U1*)
Galaxy Note5 (SM-N920A)
Galaxy Note4 (SM-N910A*)
Galaxy Note Edge (SM-N915A*)
Galaxy S24 Ultra (SM-S928U1, SM-S928U, SM-S928B, SM-S928N, SM-S928W)
Galaxy S24+ (SM-S926U1, SM-S926U, SMS926B, SM-S926N, SM-S926W)
Galaxy S24 (SM-S921U1, SM-S921U, SMS921B, SM-S921N, SM-S921W)
Galaxy S23 (SM-S911U, SM-S911U1, GTS9110, SM-S911B, SM-S911N, SM-S911W)
Galaxy S23 + (SM-S916U, SM-S916U1, SMS9160, SM-S916B, SM-S916N, SM-S916W)
Galaxy S23 Ultra (SM-S918U, SM-S918U1, SM-S9180, SM-S918B, SM-S918N, SMS918W)
Galaxy S23 FE (SM-S711U, SM-S711U1, SMS711W)
Galaxy S22 (SM-S901U, SM-S901U1)
Galaxy S22 + (SM-S906U, SM-S906U1)
Galaxy S22 Ultra (SM-S908U, SM-S908U1)
Galaxy S21 FE (SM-G990U, SM-G990U1, SM-G990U3/DS, SM-G990B, SM-G990B/DS, SM-G990F, SM-G990F/DS)
Galaxy S21 5G (SM-G991U, SM-G991U1, SM-G991W, SM-G991B,SM-G991B/DS)
Galaxy S21+ 5G (SM-G996U, G996U1, SMSM-G996W, SM-G996B, SM-G996B/DS)
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (SM-G998U, SMG998U1, SM-G998W, SM-G998B, SMG998B/SM-DS)
Galaxy S20 (SM-G908F, G980F/DS)
Galaxy S20+ (SM-GG985F, SM-G985F/DS)
Galaxy S20 5G (SM-G981U*,SMG981U1, SM-G981W, SM-G981B, SMG981B/DS)
Galaxy S20+ 5G (SM-G986U, SMG986U1, SM-G986B, SM-G986B/DS)
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (SM-G988U, SMG988U1, SM-G988W, SM-G988B, SMG988B/DS)
Galaxy S20 FE (SM-G781U, SM-G781U1, SM-G781UC, SM-G781W, SM-G781B, SM-G781B/DS, SM-G780F, SMG780F/DS)
Galaxy S10 (SM-G973U*, G973UC, SMG973U1*, SM-G973W, SM-G973F, SMG973F/DS)
Galaxy S10+ (SM-G975U*, SM-SMG975U1*, SM-G975W, SM-G975F, SMG975F/DS)
Galaxy S10 5G (G977U, G977B, G977F)
Galaxy S10e (SM-G970U*, SMG970U1*, G970W, G970F, G970F/DS)
Galaxy S10 Lite (SM-G770U1, SMG770F, SM-G770F/DS)
Galaxy S9 (SM-G960U*, SM-G960U1*)
Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965U*, SM-G965U1*)
Galaxy S8 (SM-G950U*, SM-G950U1*)
Galaxy S8 Active (SM-G892A)
Galaxy S8+ (SM-G955U*, SM-G955U1*)
Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935A)
Galaxy S7+ (SM-G935U*)
Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A, SM-G930U*)
Galaxy S7 Active (SM-G891A)
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (SM-G928A)
Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925A)
Galaxy S6 (SM-G920A)
Galaxy S6 Active (SM-G890A)
Galaxy S5 (SM-G900A*)
Galaxy S5 Active (G870A)
Galaxy S5 Mini (G800A)
Galaxy S4 Mini (i257)
Galaxy XCover Pro 6 (SM-G736U1, SMG736U)
Galaxy XCover FieldPro (G889A)
Galaxy XCover Pro (G715U1, G715A)
Galaxy Z Flip5 (SM-F731U1, SM-F731U, SM-F731B, SM-F731N, SM-F731D)
Galaxy Z Fold5 (SM-F946U1, SM-F946U, SM-F946B, SM-F946N, SM-F946W)
Galaxy Z Flip4 (SM-F721U, SM-F721U1, SM-F721W, SM-F721N)
Galaxy Z Flip3 5G (SM-F711U, SM-F711U1, F711B)
Galaxy Z Flip 5G (SM-F707U, SM-F707U1, SM-F707W, SM-F707B)
Galaxy Z Flip (SM-F700U/DS, SM-F700U1, SM-F700F, SM-F700W/DS)
Galaxy Z Fold4 (SM-F936U, SM-F936U1, SM-F936W)
Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (SM-F926U, SM-F926U1, SM-F926B,SM-F926B/DS)
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G (SM-F916U, SM-F916U1, SM-F916W, SM-F916B)
Galaxy Z Fold (SM-F900U, SM-F900U1, SM-F900F, SM-F907B)


Pixel 8 Pro (G1MNW)
Pixel 8 (GKWS6, G9BQD)
Pixel 7a (GWKK3)
Pixel 7 (GVU6C, GQML3)
Pixel 7 Pro (GE2AE)
Pixel 6 Pro (G8VOU)
Pixel 6a (GX7AS)
Pixel 6 (GB7N6, G9S9B)
Pixel 5a (G1F8F)
Pixel 5 (GD1YQ)
Pixel 4a 5G (G025E)
Pixel 4a (G025J)
Pixel 4XL* (G020J, G020P, G020Q)
Pixel 4* (G020I, G020M, G020N)
Pixel 3a (G020E, G020F, G020G)
Pixel 3a XL (G020A, G020B, G020C)
Pixel 3 XL (G013C, G013D)
Pixel 3 (G013A)
Pixel 2XL
Pixel 2 (G011A, G011C)
Pixel Fold (G9FPL)


Ascend XT2 (H1711)
Ascend XT (H1711)


Arena 2/Neon Plus (LM-X320APM/AM8)
Escape Plus (X320CM)
Escape2 (H443)
Classic Flip (L125DL)
Fortune 3 (LMK300AMC)
G8X (LM-G850QM)
G8X ThinQ (LM-G850UM)
G8 ThinQ (LM-G820UM**, LM-G820QM*)
G7 (G710ULM)
G7 ThinQ (LM-G710ULM)
G6 (H871S, H871)
G5 (H820)
G4 (H810)
G3* (D850)
G3 Vigor (D725)
G Flex 2 (H950)
G Vista 2 (H740)
G Vista* (D631)
Harmony 4 (LM-K400AM)
Harmony 3 (X420CM)
Journey (L322DL)
K92 5G (LM-K920AM)
K40 (LM-X420AS, LM-X420QN*)
K30 (LM-X320QMG)
K20 (M255)
K10 (K425)
K51 (LM-K500QM)
Phoenix 5 (LM-K300AM)
Phoenix Plus (LM-X410AS)
Phoenix 4 (LM-X210APM)
Phoenix 3 (M150)
Phoenix 2 (K371)
Premier Pro LTE (LML414DL, LML413DL)
Premier Pro Plus (L455D)
Prime 2 (LM-X320AA)
Q70 (LM-Q620QM)
Rebel 4 (LML211BL)
Reflect (L555DL)
Risio 4 (LM-K300CMR)
Solo LTE (L423DL)
Stylo 6 (LMQ730AM)
Stylo 5 (LM-Q720CS, L722D, LM-Q720QM*)
Stylo 5+ (LM-Q720AM)
Stylo 4 (LML713DL, LM-Q710ULM*)
Stylo 4+ (LM-Q710WA)
Velvet (LM-G900UM)
V60 ThinQ (LM-V600AM)
V40 ThinQ (LM-V405UA**)
V35 (LM-V350ULM)
V35 ThinQ (LM-V350AWM**)
V30 (H931)
V20 (H910)
V10 (H900)
Wing (F100VM)
Xpression Plus 3 (LM-K400AKR)
Xpression Plus 2 (LM-X420AS8)
X Venture (H700)


One Action (XT2013-4)
One Fusion+ (XT2067-2)
One Hyper (XT2027-1)
One Zoom (XT2010-1)
E (XT2052-1)
E6 (XT2005-5)
e5 Cruise (XT1921-2)
E5 Play (XT1921-2A, XT1921-2)
e5 Supra (XT1924-6)
Edge 30 Fusion (XT2243-1)
Edge 2022 (XT2205-1, XT2205-2, XT2205-3)
Edge 2023 (XT2305-1, XT2315-4)
Edge+ 2023 (XT2301-1)
Edge+ 2022 (XT2201-3)
Edge 20 lite (XT2139-1)
Edge (XT2063-2)
Edge 5G (XT2063-2)
Edge 2021 (XT2141-2)
G 5G 2023 (XT2313-3, XT2313-4, XT2313-6)
G 5G (XT2213-1, XT2213-2, XT2113-3, XT2213DL)
G Play-2024 (XT2413-2)
G Play 2023 (XT2271-3, XT2271-4, XT2271-5)
G Play (XT2093-1, XT2093-4, XT2093-7)
G Fast (XT2045-3, XT2045-3)
G Go (XT2163-7)
G Power 5G 2023 (XT2311-3)
G Power (XT2165-1, XT2165-2, XT2165-5, XT2041-4, XT2117-4, XT2117-1)
G Stylus 5G (XT2131-1, XT2131-3, XT2131-4, XT2131DL)
G Stylus 5G 2022 (XT2215-1, XT2215-2, XT2215-3, XT2215-4, XT2215DL)
G Stylus 5G 2023 (XT2315-1, XT2315-4, XT2315-5)
G Stylus 2023 (XT2317-2, XT2317-3)
G Stylus 2022 (XT2211-1, XT2211-2, XT2211DL)
G Stylus (XT2043-4, XT2115-1)
G Pro (XT2043-8)
G100 (XT2125-4)
G32 (XT2235-1)
G30 (XT2129-1)
G9 Play (XT2083-1)
G9 Power (XT2091-4)
G8 Power (XT2041-1)
G8 Power Lite (XT2055-2)
G8 Play (XT2015-2)
G8 Plus (XT2019-2)
G7 (XT1962-1)
G7 Play (XT1952-4, XT1952-5)
G7 Plus (XT1965-T)
G7 Power (XT1955-5)
g6 Forge (XT1922)
g6 Play (XT1922-9)
G Play 2021 (XT2093DL)
G Power 2021 (XT2117-2)
G Pure (XT2163-2, XT2163-4, XT2163-6, XT2163-2PP, XT2163DL)
One 5G Ace (XT2113-2, XT2113-5)
One 5G (XT2075-2, XT2075-5)
Razr 2023 (XT2321-3, XT2321-5, XT2323-2, XT2323-5, XT2323-6)
Razr 5G (XT2071-3)
Razr (XT2071-2)
Thinkphone (XT2309-3)
Z4 (XT1980-3)
Z2 Force Edition (XT1789-04)


Lumia 950
Surface Duo 2 (1995)
Surface Duo (1930)


Nord N30 5G (CPH2513)
Nord N200 (DE2117)
Nord N10 (BE2026)
Nord N100 (BE2011, BE2013, BE2029)
Open (CPH2551)
12R (CPH2611)
12 (CPH2583)
11 5G (CPH2451)
10T 5G (CPH2417)
10 Pro 5G (NE2215)
10T 5G
9 5G (LE2115)
9 Pro 5G (LE2125)
8 5G (IN2010, IN2015)
8 5G UW (IN2019)
8 (IN2011, IN2013, IN 2017)
8T (KB2000, KB2001, KB2005)
8 Pro (IN2021, IN2023, IN2025)
7T (HD1905)
7 Pro (GM1917)
6T (A6013)


Xperia 1* (J8170)
Xperia 1 II (XQ-AT51)
Xperia 1 III (XQ-BC62)
Xperia 1 IV (XQ-CT62)
Xperia 1 V (XQ-DQ62)
Xperia 5* (J8270)
Xperia 5 II (XQ-AS62)
Xperia 5 III (XQ-BQ62)
Xperia 5 IV (XQ-CQ62)
Xperia 10* (I3123)
Xperia 10 Plus* (I3223)
Xperia PRO (XQ-AQ62)
Xperia PRO–I (XQ-BE62)


1.4 (TA1323)*
3.1.A (TA1140)
3.1.C (TA1141)
3.1 Plus (TA1124)
3.4 (TA1285)*
8.3 (TA1243)*
6300 4G (TA-1324)
Lumia 830
C2 Tennen (TA1226)
C2 Tava (TA1218)
C210 (TA-1584)
C300 (TA-1515)
C5 Endi (TA1222)
G10 (TA1338)*
G20 (TA1343)
G50 (TA1390)
G100 (TA-1430)
G300 (N1374DL)
G400 5G (TA-1476)
HMD XR21 (TA-1592)
XR20 (TA-1371)
XR21 (TA-1486)


A3X (A600DL)
A3 (A509DL)
A1X (A508DL)
A1 (A507DL)
AXEL (5004R)
My FLIP2 (A406DL)
Flip 2 (T408DL)
idealXTRA (5059R)
idealXCITE/ CameoX (5044R)
IDEAL* (4060A)
OneTouch Allura* (5056O)
ONYX (5008R)
SMARTFLIP (4052R, 4052C)
TCL 4X 5G (T601DL)
TCL 20 Pro 5G (T810S)
TCL 30 T (T602DL)
TCL 30 Z (4188R)
TCL 40 X 5G (T609M)
TCL 40XL (T608M)
TCL Classic (4058R)
TCL Flip 2 (4058G)


Desire 626 (0PM9120)
Desire EYE (0PFH100)
One A9 (2PQ9120)
One M8* (0P6B120)
One M9 (0PJA110)


Avid 579 (Z5156CC)
Avid 589 (Z5158)
Axon Ultra 40 (A2023PG)
Axon Ultra 30 5G (A2022PG)
Axon Ultra 20 5G (A2022PG)
Axon 30 5G (A2322G)
Axon 20 5G (A2322G)
Axon 40 Pro (A2023G)
Blade Spark (Z971)
Link II (Z2335CC)
Maven 2 (Z831)
Maven 3 (Z835)
Zmax 10 (Z6250CC)
Zmax 11 (Z6251)


ROG 3 (ASUS_I003D)
ROG Phone 6 (ASUS_AI2201_F)
ROG Phone 6 Pro (ASUS_AI2201_D)
ROG Phone 7 (ASUS_AI2205_F)
ROG Phone 7 Ultimate (ASUS_AI2205_E)
Zenfone 8 (ASUS_I006D)
Zenfone 9 (ASUS_AI2202)
Zenfone 10 (ASUS_AI2302)

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