AT&T Data Plan for Frequent Surfer

AT&T Data Hotspot

30 Days

Wireless Broadband for Tablets, USB Modems and mobile routers

includes Tethering (Hotspot)

up to 18 GB data flatrate ¹

Triple SIM (Standard, Micro, Nano)

Premium Service in AT&T-Stores ²

best GSM coverage through AT&T

Delivery Time: 2-3 business days ²

Availability: In stock


Please choose your desired plan for your trip.

Please provide the date of your departure. Your plan will be activated shortly before you leave for your trip so you will be able to use it right after you land in the US.


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You and your family can use up to 4 devices simultaneously with 100 GB of data including WiFi tethering (Hotspot) and benefit from fast 5G speeds. Share pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp, make calls on Skype or Whatsapp, and use your device for navigation. All this and more is at your disposal. Even business travelers who constanly using email and data benefit from large data volume, fast internet speeds via 5G and AT&T's excellent coverage.

Our product offering is intended for travelers who like to use multiple devices on the go and use their device as a mobile hotspot (tethering). AT&T allows you to use your device as a WiFi Hotspot. You can use the SIM in a WiFi Router, a USB modem, or a tablet.

Why Tourisim:

  • No contract period
  • No roaming fees
  • Free acivation service
  • Includes Tethering (WiFi Hotspot)
  • Up to 5G high speed data
  • Best GSM Coverage in the USA
  • Use Whatsapp like you're used to
  • Fast Delivery
  • 24/7 customer service via E-Mail and Facebook
  • Easy ReUps through us
  • Direct US-Import

4 easy steps:

  1. Let us know your date of departure.
  2. A day before your trip we will activate your SIM and send you the phone number via Email.
  3. Configure your device shortly before your flight leaves the airport (see Tourisim Manual)
  4. After your flight has landed, restart your device so the SIM can connect to the US network


Please take a moment to review AT&T's coverage AT&T Network

Please note:

¹ If your data volume is used up, speed will be throttled to 2G.

² AT&T's premium service includes any kind of support via AT&T as well as free SIM swaps and porting your number to other accounts.

³ Valid for delivieres within Germany only. For delivery times to other countries please review the Payments and dispatch page

Please make sure that your device supports the frequencies 850 and 1900 Mhz in the 4G/5G range. For the best possible connection, we recommend 700, 850 and 1900 Mhz (band 12, 5 and 2). We're happy to check if your phone is compatible. Simply send an email to or review our list of current smartphones.

All plan information is in accordance with the network operator (as of February 2024). The network operator reserves the right to make changes to the tariffs at any time. Tourisim has no influence on this and accordingly assumes no liability.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Carrier AT&T
Network AT&T
Data Speed 5G
Unlimited Data yes (after allotment is used up, speed is throttled at 2G)
Tethering (Hotspot) yes (up to 4 devices at any point)
Facetime no
Validity 90 days past initial activation (renewing your plan adds another 90 days)
Roaming Canada no
Roaming Mexico no
Activation & Reup we take care of everything
Instructions you receive a brief manual directly from us via email or here: Tourisim Manual
US Phone Number no number needed
Whatsapp & Skype yes
Android compatible yes
iOS compatible yes
Windows Phone compatible yes
For Smartphones no
For Tablet yes
For Mobile Wifi and Router yes
Monthly cost no
Longterm Contract no
Brand AT&T
GTIN 4260508550087